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Month of April 2007

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IPCOM000152219D 2007-Apr-26
Disclosed is a method to create test binary large objects (blobs) that are themselves self-executable programs and use bit-wise operations within the blob to verify the contents and integrity of the blob.
IPCOM000152218D 2007-Apr-26
The invention would be an air moving device that would generate power which could be used real time by electrical components or stored in a battery/capacitor and used at a later time to power electrical components within the server. By taking advantage of this air moving device and recovering this energy it makes...
IPCOM000152215D 2007-Apr-26
Inventors - Prachi P Gupta, Vasudevan Thiyagarajan IBM
IPCOM000152214D 2007-Apr-26
A data recorder adapted for processing sensed data received from an in-vivo sensing device. The sensed data may be image data of images captured by an imager of the in-vivo sensing device and the processing may be image processing.
IPCOM000152213D 2007-Apr-26
Inventors - Deergha Sahni, Asim Kadav IBM
IPCOM000152212D 2007-Apr-26
Manish A Bhide, Atul L Kalantri IBM
IPCOM000152211D 2007-Apr-26
Inventor - Gautham B Pai IBM
IPCOM000152209D 2007-Apr-26
IPCOM000152205D 2007-Apr-25
Disclosed is a method for a DC inverter to provide a negative voltage supply in 10-Gigabit Ethernet optical transponders. Benefits include improved functionality and improved power performance.
Showing 41 - 50 of 2838 results
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