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Month of April 2007

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IPCOM000152274D 2007-Apr-27
Disclosed are potential improvements to initiation of instant messaging based on the context of what the intended receiver is doing at the time of the message. This has the benefit of eliminating some of the negative/intrusive aspects of instant messaging for the users of that technology.
IPCOM000152273D 2007-Apr-27
Social networking sites permit users to link their personal profile to the profiles of other users, thereby forming a "friend" relationship. From that friend's profile site, users can browse through their friends to find new friends, and so on. A problem occurs, however, as you get N number of hops away from...
IPCOM000152272D 2007-Apr-27
Methods and apparatus for preventing or limiting the rotation of downhole tools, such as cementing plugs, in a casing string during drillout. The apparatus includes an outer case (i.e. oilfield casing) and a sleeve disposed therein. The sleeve will engage cementing plugs received therein. The sleeve has protrusions...
IPCOM000152265D 2007-Apr-27
Use of independent storage device to initiate and inform device pairing
IPCOM000152263D 2007-Apr-27
Encoding data often trades processing power for disk space (e.g. MP3). In a very low power environment, processing power should be kept to a minimum to reduce power consumption. This can be solved by pre-decoding the encoded media (trading computation for memory space).
IPCOM000152252D 2007-Apr-27
This document provides instructions to IANA for the creation of a new codepoint registry for the flags field in the Session Attribute object of the Resource Reservation Protocol Traffic Engineering (RSVP-TE) signaling messages used in Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) and Generalized MPLS (GMPLS) signaling.
IPCOM000152251D 2007-Apr-27
This document introduces Overlay Routable Cryptographic Hash Identifiers (ORCHID) as a new, experimental class of IPv6-address- like identifiers. These identifiers are intended to be used as endpoint identifiers at applications and Application Programming Interfaces (API) and not as identifiers for network location...
IPCOM000152250D 2007-Apr-27
An apparatus is disclosed using web browser as real time viewer to simultaneously monitor dynamic file updates on J2EE compliant application server. In general, a log file on application server increases dynamically, the apparatus simultaneously monitors the log file and display the up-to-date content. The...
IPCOM000152246D 2007-Apr-27
IPCOM000152245D 2007-Apr-26
An XML application’s structure and syntax is described and documented in an XML Schema. The Schema provides a means of validating an XML message received by an endpoint. A host application that must communicate with legacy clients may choose to implement separate applications and suitable schemas that correspond to...
Showing 11 - 20 of 2838 results
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