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Month of July 2005

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IPCOM000126495D 2005-Jul-21
Detecting tampering of packaged consumer products is desirable for a wide range of products such as absorbent articles. For improved tamper evident packaging, we propose a carton opening feature wherein perforations on the closure flap tear away upon opening so that the carton can not be resealed without showing...
IPCOM000126493D 2005-Jul-21
A method for intercepting function return-points, which caters for: a) dynamic modification of the return-point during the execution of the called function; b) simultaneous multi-level returns executed a function termination;
IPCOM000126492D 2005-Jul-21
The method presented herein solves the problem of visual input fields by modifying the HTML input text fields being used by Internet Explorer* and Mozilla**/Netscape*** browsers.
IPCOM000126491D 2005-Jul-21
Current methods for financial reward planning use career manager groupings to allocate the total budget across the organisation, and base the amount of spend on the headcount and current salaries of the individuals who make up the group. Career manager groups are however not all made up of the same mix of people. Some...
IPCOM000126490D 2005-Jul-21
Presented here is a method for generation of test-programs for functional verification of VLIW processor architectures. The test-program is required to include VLIWs that conform to constraints coming from the architecture and from user requirements. The test-programs are also required to include intrinsic...
IPCOM000126489D 2005-Jul-21
One of the difficulties of privacy debates is the word privacy itself, which is too broad and does not lead directly to any tangible understanding of what "privacy" really encompasses and what reasonable expectations of privacy are. In ICT applications, privacy is therefore confined to data protection. Data protection...
IPCOM000126488D 2005-Jul-21
Dislosed is the use of specific hydroxyphenyl benzotriazole derivatives, preferably 2-(2H-benzotriazol-2-yl)-6-dodecyl-4-methylphenol (branched and linear) for enhancing the photostability of cosmetic or dermatologic compositons comprising at least one further organic UV absorber.
IPCOM000126487D 2005-Jul-21
This document proposes the addition of new cipher suites to the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol to support the Camellia encryption algorithm as a bulk cipher algorithm.
IPCOM000126486D 2005-Jul-21
Multihoming is an essential component of service for many Internet sites. This document describes some implementation strategies for multihoming with IPv4 and enumerates features for comparison with other multihoming proposals (particularly those related to IPv6).
IPCOM000126485D 2005-Jul-21
Showing 61 - 70 of 343 results
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