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Month of October 2004

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IPCOM000032275D 2004-Oct-29
IPCOM000032274D 2004-Oct-28
This invention proposes a different approach to powering an RFID tag: rectified voltage where the source of the voltage is a piezoelectric material attached to a part in constant motion. The piezoelectric material is attached in some fashion to the carrier, superstructure, of a disk drive in operation in a computer...
IPCOM000032273D 2004-Oct-28
Disclosed is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) toolbar which is dockable but disconnected from a specific application: a Meta-Toolbar. The Meta-Toolbar will contain, as icons or text menus, common application operations. The host computer's underlying windowing system interprets a user's click on a toolbar operation in...
IPCOM000032272D 2004-Oct-28
Purpose and advantage of invention: Eliminates the need to choose threaded vs thru-hole during design phase Reduces man-power and assembly timeEliminates drilling of flanges and issues with debris and contamination
IPCOM000032269D 2004-Oct-28
Purpose and advantage of invention: This tester box could be used to track the transmission losses in fiber optic cables used on the manufacturing floor, as well as in our R&D labs. Once the cable is base lined the cable may be tracked by a s/n and calibration date. The Engineer or Scientist could then later check the...
IPCOM000032267D 2004-Oct-28
External/Native Security System Support on z/OS and OS390
IPCOM000032262D 2004-Oct-28
IPCOM000032261D 2004-Oct-28
A steam or air turbine of traditional design and operated at a temperature of 600°C and higher requires rotor parts that are made of high cost ferritic/martensitic materials. A new turbine design intended for operation at higher temperatures comprises a diagonal front stage placed at a larger radius and a transition...
IPCOM000032260D 2004-Oct-28
A thermal turbine comprises several heat storage devices arranged externally to the turbine casing. Each device is in fluid connection with the turbine at a selected point along the fluid flow of the turbine working medium. The inner casing is segmented into individual spaces accordingly. The heat storage devices each...
IPCOM000032259D 2004-Oct-28
Showing 11 - 20 of 362 results
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