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Month of March 2004

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IPCOM000023800D 2004-Mar-31
The present invention is directed to a trolley actuated track cover assembly used, for example, in a moving assembly line. It is an actuated cover that moves out of the way when a trolley is present, but returns to position after the trolley passes in order to cover the tracks and prevent injury to pedestrians and...
IPCOM000023799D 2004-Mar-31
The present invention is directed to a storage unit and method for storing workpieces that overcomes deficiencies in the art. In general, the storage unit is positioned between upstream and downstream process areas to provide a supply of buffered workpieces to ensure uninterrupted supply of workpieces to downstream...
IPCOM000023798D 2004-Mar-31
New black toner formulations are disclosed which provide improved overall image quality over prior toners and are particularly useful in forming xeroradiographic images, both transparent and opaque. The formulations are:
IPCOM000023797D 2004-Mar-31
Magnetic toner materials having low-bulkdensities may be obtained by depositing a magnetically attractable metal in the presence of 1ow-bulkdensity silica particles from solution phase thermal decomposition of transition metal carbonyls. The
IPCOM000023796D 2004-Mar-31
To machine a part 10 made from a material such as polyurethane, acrylic, nickel foil, etc., the part is mounted on a table 12; and CO2 laser 14 directed through a cylindrical lens is swept across the part to produce a configuration to all areas of the part not protected by a protective mask 16-
IPCOM000023795D 2004-Mar-31
In a pneumatic system for stapling a plurality of sheets to one another, a first piston moves a clamp to position the stack of sheets against a stapling head and a second piston activates the head to drive a staple through the sheets. During the stapling process, the adhesive, which holds the staples together to form...
IPCOM000023794D 2004-Mar-31
To provide a "white glove" approach for adding toner to a xerographic reproduction machine, a toner cassette box 10 is provided with a first ring 12 for lifting the box into and out of a toner hopper. With the box placed on mating rails in the toner hopper, an operator simply pulls on a second ring 14 which pulls a...
IPCOM000023793D 2004-Mar-31
The rate of evaporation of metals in a vapor deposition process is controlled by monitoring vapor content of the evaporation chamber rather than the temperature of the evaporation crucible. In the figure, evaporation chamber 1 houses crucible 2 which is electrically heated from power supply 3. Power supply 3 is...
IPCOM000023792D 2004-Mar-31
This invention relates to a contact temperature sensor assembly 8 for controlling the temperature of an internally heated fuser roll 10- The sensor 8 is mounted in a shaft bearing assembly 16 comprising ball bearings 18 and a stationary shaft 20
IPCOM000023791D 2004-Mar-31
A typewriter of the kind having a moving typing element I and a fixed platen 2 for use with a multi-colour ribbon 3 which is composed of a series of differently coloured lengths connected end-to-end, The ribbon spools 4 are fixed to the
Showing 41 - 50 of 1388 results
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