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Month of March 2004

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IPCOM000023821D 2004-Mar-31
The existing art of hot melt binding of books requires the adhesive to be pre-melted and applied in a liquid state to the bound edge of a stack of paper. This requires not only extensive mechanisms to heat the material to the melting point
IPCOM000023820D 2004-Mar-31
A tray I for supporting a stack of sheets, e.g., copy sheets in a photocopier, comprises a supporting surface 2 and walls 3, 4, 5, 6. In order to provide a simple sheet size adjustment, a corner piece 7 is releasably, magnetically attached to the
IPCOM000023819D 2004-Mar-31
Disclosed is a method for the use of two step blades to cut copper devices without cracking and delamination. Benefits include improved performance.
IPCOM000023818D 2004-Mar-31
For registering sheets being stacked in a tray 1 in corner registration against side and end stops 2, 3, a nudger device 4 is mounted at the registration corner. The device includes a reciprocating finger 5 arranged across the corner at an angle of
IPCOM000023817D 2004-Mar-31
Disclosed is a method for capacitor-mountable sockets. Benefits include improved functionality, improved performance, and improved design flexibility.
IPCOM000023816D 2004-Mar-31
Disclosed is a method for a dual-CAM actuated socket. Benefits include improved functionality and improved performance.
IPCOM000023815D 2004-Mar-31
In the design of document belts for automatic document handlers to automatically feed original documents to the platen of a copy machine, a number of problems are encountered. In the case of vacuum belt systems where the belts are perforated,
IPCOM000023814D 2004-Mar-31
Disclosed is a method for an automated test station for mobile central processing unit (CPU) modules. Benefits include improved functionality and improved yield.
IPCOM000023813D 2004-Mar-31
Disclosed is a method that uses a pumped liquid metal loop embedded in a thin metal plate to cool hot-spots in mobile device applications. Benefits include a solution that is thin, light, and allows for lower casing temperatures and better thermal performance.
IPCOM000023811D 2004-Mar-31
It is proposed that one or more of the sheet transport belts T of a muIti-belt transport be used as the separating and feeding mechanism by arranging the belt path to pass close to the top of the paper stack. If a protrusion 1 is arranged on the back of the middle transport belt, when it passes under the idler roller...
Showing 21 - 30 of 1388 results
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