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Month of December 2002

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IPCOM000010603D 2002-Dec-20
Disclosed is a process for creating policy-driven user interface (UI) widgets. Standard UI widgets are linked to an existing policy management system to ensure that input provided by an administrator is valid according to local policies.
IPCOM000010602D 2002-Dec-20
A stabilizer system is disclosed comprising (a) a specific UV absorber of the tris-aryl-triazine class (UVA) and (b) a further stabilizer selected from the UV absorbers of the 2-(2’-hydroxyphenyl)benzotriazole, 2-hydroxybenzophenone and/or 2-hydroxyphenyl triazine type. The system may further comprise as component (c)...
IPCOM000010591D 2002-Dec-20
This memo defines a portion of the Management Information Base (MIB) for use with network management protocols in the Internet community. In particular, it describes managed objects for extending the Entity MIB (RFC 2737) to provide generalized access to information related to physical sensors, which are often found...
IPCOM000010590D 2002-Dec-20
This memo documents a process intended to apply architectural discipline to the future development of the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). There have been concerns with regards to new SIP proposals. Specifically, that the addition of new SIP features can be damaging towards security and/or greatly increase the...
IPCOM000010589D 2002-Dec-20
The Application/Vnd.pwg-multiplexed content-type, like the Multipart/Related content-type, provides a mechanism for representing objects that consist of multiple components. An Application/Vnd.pwg-multiplexed entity contains a sequence of chunks. Each chunk contains a MIME message or a part of a MIME message. ...
IPCOM000010588D 2002-Dec-20
This document defines two Session Description Protocol (SDP) attributes: "group" and "mid". They allow to group together several "m" lines for two different purposes: for lip synchronization and for receiving media from a single flow (several media streams) that are encoded in different formats during a particular...
IPCOM000010587D 2002-Dec-19
A program is provided that the scrolling speed is adjusted automatically, based on how much information is on the physical screen or panel, in order to make it easy to overview a whole logical screen or panel.
IPCOM000010586D 2002-Dec-19
A systematic approach to group randomly registered services on a central hub site. The hub provides a well-known url as a common service entry point. It provides a registration interface that automatically group services into multiple comparable portTypes under one WSDL.
IPCOM000010585D 2002-Dec-19
This invention describes a way to visually associate related controls and labels that are not associated by visual proximity.
IPCOM000010584D 2002-Dec-19
Showing 21 - 30 of 195 results
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